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Tips for Buying Your First New Car

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Picturing yourself in a brand new car is easy. Picturing yourself negotiating the purchase of a new car — well, that picture is a little fuzzier. Why? Because buying a car, especially if you’re a first-time buyer, is a complicated process. But with the following tips, you’ll be on the road in your new ride in no time at all.

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Make a realistic and definitive budget based on your bills and what you really have to spend on a new car and stick to it when shopping for a new car.

“Once you know your net income, you can estimate how much you have left to put toward a car payment each month. Most experts recommend spending no more than 15 to 20 percent of your income on a car — including the car payment, insurance, and gas,” reports POPSUGAR writer Annalise Mantz.

Not only should your budget be worked out before you step foot into a car dealership, but you also need to determine what type of vehicle (SUV, sedan, truck, minivan) that best fits your driving needs as well as your must-have features.

Even if you’ve worked out your dream car on paper — fits your budget and has the safety tech and features you want and looks amazing if you do say so yourself — you won’t know if it’s the right car for you until you get behind the wheel. That means, it’s test-drive time!

“Take your time test driving. If you find the seats uncomfortable or hate the way it turns, it’s not the car for you — those little quirks will only get more annoying over time. Try out all the features, adjust the seats and mirrors, peek in the trunk, and even sit in the backseat,” Mantz advises.

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News Source: POPSUGAR, Autotrader