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Tips for Cleaning Microfiber Towels

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Person spraying cleaning solution onto a car dashboard and holding a towel
Photo: The News Wheel

Microfiber towels are ideal for cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle. To keep them in their best condition so you can wash your car effectively, you have to wash them regularly. The following tips will help keep your microfiber towels clean, fresh, and ready for your next car wash.

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The unique material composition of microfiber towels makes them ideal for car care but only when they are in good condition. The polyester and polyamide blend together to be soft and attractive to dust and debris.

According to The writer Tom Markovich, a low-quality towel or one that is dirty “can be the Skeletor to your paint’s He-Man.”

The beauty of microfiber towels is not just in their effectiveness but in their longevity.

“Microfiber towels can be used over and over again, as long as you know how to take care of them. What you need to know is that microfiber towels can easily be ruined or rendered useless with improper treatment or poor washing habits,” Markovich warns.

Cleaning tips

Microfiber towels should be washed separately from other towels or clothing items. You can divide microfiber towels based on the substances they absorbed — oil and dirt and ones soaked with paint. If your towels are soiled with oil, you most likely should clean your washing machine tub after putting the towels through a cycle, adds Markovich.

According to, it’s best to keep the temperature on cold with a mild detergent when washing microfiber towels in a machine; but you can wash them by hand, too. Soak them for a maximum of 20 minutes and then agitate the towels by hand. If you’re going the machine wash route, you can add a tablespoon of white vinegar. This substance can help rid the towels of stubborn odors.

You can dry microfiber towels in the machine without dryer sheets or dryer balls or hang them to air dry. Either way, dry time will be relatively short.

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Always make sure the tools you use to care for your car are in good condition, even simple tools like microfiber towels.