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Tips for Maintaining Your SUV

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Like most drivers, your car is probably your lifeline—to work, school, kids’ games and activities, and occasionally a road trip or getaway—which means it’s vital that your lifeline is always running in tip-top condition, especially if the wheels belong to an SUV.

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According to, SUVs are “durable” but they definitely require a specific type of care. And to prepare for the inevitable emergency service appointments, they recommend setting aside a bit of a car fund so you’re not financially blindsided when things breakdown.

Find someone you trust to handle both emergency repairs and regular maintenance, stick with them, and make sure they are very familiar with SUVs’ special needs, according to

Refer to your SUV’s car manual, and suggests adhering to a schedule of regular tune-ups to help catch problems before they grow into a costly mess. Regular checks include tire pressure and making sure all of your SUVs fluids—oil, coolant, and windshield wiper—are at proper levels and your fuel level always registers at least half full.

“Listen to what your SUV is telling you. Any car will telegraph problems under the hood and sometimes give warnings before the engine light starts flashing. Trouble with steering or a high pitched whine whenever you stop the car need to be checked on as soon as possible,” explains

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“You should remember the SUV does have limitations to it. You have to maneuver hairpin turns about the same way you would in an ordinary car. Rabbit starts are never smart and you should ease into the acceleration. Respect the other cars on the road,” advises

Spending time and money on regular maintenance is a smart way to protect your sizable SUV investment.

News Source: Pro Car Mechanics