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Tips on How to Hand Wash Your Car

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As the weather starts heating up and the effects of salt become more and more apparent, you might be looking to make your car look like brand spanking new. If you don’t want to spend a large fee at the professional car wash, make sure you follow these tips on how to hand wash your car to ensure maximum shine for the warm weather ahead.

How to Hand Wash Your Car

  1. Gather the proper materials. Before you begin scrubbing away at your car’s grime, it’s important to make sure you have the proper materials. Avoid using dish soap by purchasing some car wash soap and make sure you use a wash mitt that’s made of either sheepskin or microfiber. Two buckets are also important along with a drying cloth and you should be set to start washing.
  2. Pre-treat stains. Spraying any hard-to-clean stains, such as bird droppings or dead bugs, directly with the car wash soap will make sure you won’t have any trouble getting them off later.
  3. Wash your wheels. People often forget about the wheels when washing their car, often making them the dirtiest part. Spray the wheels with a hose then use a soft brush to get all the brake dust and other dirt off of them, making them shine like new!
  4. Rinse and wash. After giving your car a quick rinse with the hose, use your two buckets and mitt to begin cleaning. One bucket should have your soapy, clean water, while the other should have only water to use as a rinse bucket. That way, you won’t be washing your car with dirty water. Make sure to wash, rinse, and repeat using both buckets.
  5. Do a once-over. Use your sudsy wash mitt to do a quick once-over of your entire car to ensure you didn’t miss any spots. Don’t forget to rinse and reload, just like you did before, to keep the mitt free of dirt.
  6. Final rinse. For the final rinse, remove the spray nozzle from your hose and use the gentle water stream to wash your car from the top of the car down.
  7. Dry the car. Use your drying cloth to quickly wipe down your car, picking up as much water as possible. After the initial wipe down, follow it up with a detailed drying, getting all the spots you might have missed before.

By following these tips on how to hand wash your car, it’s likely you won’t ever professionally wash it again! Have any of your own tips? Share them below!