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Tips to Keep your Road Trip on Track and Your Mood in Check

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Although summer is rapidly coming to a close, you still have some time left for an epic road trip. Whether you plan to get away for a couple of days or make your road trip as long as possible, the following tips will keep you and your road-trip crew happily moving along.

There’s no question that a large part of your time on the road will be spent in frustrating traffic. Make it as easy as possible by utilizing the carpool lane, especially if you get stuck in rush-hour traffic, advises Real Simple Writer Ana Connery.

Bento boxes are ideal for your family of picky eaters who freak out when different types of food touch or for personalizing snack time on the road, adds Connery.

It is so easy to misplace your keys or lock yourself out of the car even on a good day. Add the stress of a road trip, the challenging moods of your loved ones, and the unfamiliarity of a road trip excursion, you’re bound to hit the lock button and slam the door while your key remains protected inside.

“Place an inexpensive magnetic key holder somewhere under your car and travel worry-free,” writes Connery.

The whole point of a road trip is to make some memories, but as the driver, you may be missing out on a lot. In order to capture every moment of your road trip and everyone else’s experiences, Connery suggests relinquishing control of your phone.

“Give everyone in the car 30 minutes to take photos and videos of the backseat experiences to turn into a funny movie everyone can watch together once you get back home,” Connery writes.

News Source: Real Simple