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Tips to Kick Your Dangerously Stupid Texting and Driving Habit to the Curb

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Texting and driving puts you and the people around you in serious danger

Texting and driving is one of the stupidest and most dangerous things to do while driving. The statistics of accidents and tragedies caused by the behavior are staggering. Every driver knows texting and driving is wrong, risky, and shouldn’t be done. Yet, drivers young and old still text and drive every day. If you’re guilty of this awful habit, consider (really consider) the following suggestions to help you stop your reckless driving.

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Each year, thousands of people are killed in accidents caused by drivers who are distracted, and texting and driving is one of the major examples of a distracted driving behavior. You need to fully comprehend that every time you pick up your cell to text or read a text while you’re driving you could kill yourself or someone else. If you can’t possibly ignore a text notification while you drive, then just turn your cellphone off or at least silence it. If turning off your phone completely makes your blood run cold, try downloading apps designed to stop your nasty habit.

“Some stop your phone from receiving text messages and calls while you’re driving, others send automatic reply messages explaining that you are driving and aren’t able to answer right now,” said Reader’s Digest writer Morgan Cutolo. “Some apps even reward you for not texting and driving; they track when you’re on the move and will give you coupons and discounts depending on how far you travel without touching your phone.”

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Pull over if communicating via text is vitally important, suggests Cutolo, and when you’re accompanied by passengers, turn over the texting responsibilities to one of them. That way you concentrate fully on what you’re supposed to be concentrating on — driving.

News Source: Reader’s Digest