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Tips to Rid Your Car’s Interior of Sand

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There’s no denying that summer is quickly coming to an end, and your beach days are probably over. As you trade in your flip flops for more sensible, weather-resistant footwear, it’s also time to rid you car’s interior of summer’s sandy memories. Since banishing every grain can be annoying as it seems to reproduce like glitter, here are some tips to make the de-sanding process easier.

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Your car’s floor mats are designed with ridges and materials designed to trap water, dirt, snow, gunk and anything else Mother Nature throws at you, including sand. To un-trap what your floor mats trapped will involve some elbow grease and focus.

According to Family Handyman writer Alexa Erickson, remove your floor mats, shake them out or beat them if they’re made of carpet, and then use a stiff bristled brush to release the sand particles from the fibers. She adds that using a dryer sheet or microfiber cloth over the floor mat once you’ve removed the majority of the mess is useful to remove any stubborn dust, debris, and sand.

A can of compressed air will go a long way when you’re trying to rid your car’s interior of sand that seems to permeate every nook and cranny, writes Erikson. Although, this cleaning method is not to be done after your carpeted floor mats have been cleaned, she notes. “Another great option is to cover a screwdriver with a rag and use the flat, small head of the tool to clean out sand from cracks and crevices as well,” according to Erikson.

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Once you’ve effectively removed the sand from your floor mats and all of its hiding places, grab your vacuum cleaner and run it through your car’s interior.

News Source: Family Handyman