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Tons of People Would Actually Buy ThinkGeek’s Magic the Gathering Travel Edition

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Magic the Gathering Travel Edition ThinkGeek April Fools

Magic the Gathering: Travel Edition = $$$ (and also, sadly, not real)
Photo: ThinkGeek has a tendency to go all-out when it comes to April Fool’s Day, and more often than not, they stumble onto a few ideas for products that they would actually probably do well to sell at some point down the line. Count among those ideas that would probably make bank the Magic: The Gathering Travel Edition, a $29.99 set that features miniature cards and two pairs of Battle Magnifier Goggles ideal for playing the super-addictive deck-building game in the car. Sure beats I Spy or 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

From the product description: “Considering it has the word ‘Gathering’ in its title, you’d think Magic would be more of a travel game. Not that it’s difficult to carry around, but it is challenging to play in an impromptu location. You’ve got your deck with you. Your friends have their decks with them. Now all you need is 2 feet of lateral space on a flat surface each, and you’ll be good to go.”

But as one who plays the game can attest, the battlefield can quickly become chaotic with creatures, artifacts, enchantments, and lands. Trying to condense that chaos to such a small space is a near-impossibility, and ThinkGeek’s solution to the problem is simple: smaller cards. This is what the Magic: The Gathering Travel Edition offers. It features 120 miniaturized cards, a carrying case that doubles as a Battle Board with playmat and life counters (helping cut down on the need for dice), and two sets of Battle Magnifier Goggles that are both great for reading the flavor text and “the small print on those commercials for prescription drugs where the side effects are nausea, vomiting, and spontaneous combustion.” Practical!

This actually looks like fun. 10/10 would buy Photo: ThinkGeek

This actually looks like fun. 10/10 would buy
Photo: ThinkGeek

To demonstrate, a picture shows two people playing the game in the back seat of an SUV with the Battle Board playmat laid on a travel case. What you may not notice straight away: neither of these adults are wearing their seatbelts. Do you see, America? THIS is what addiction can do. First, it’s not buckling your safety belt, and the next thing you know, you’re selling illicit substances on street corners and in shadowy alleys just to raise enough cash to buy a booster pack.

Unfortunately for fans of MtG, this Travel Edition is merely a gag, even though people would probably go well out of their way to buy it. (From first-hand experience, I can tell you that people who play this game have an aversion to not spending money on cards and accessories.) Clicking the “Buy Now” button will take you to a page that gathers all of ThinkGeek’s 2016 April Fool’s Day gags, including a Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine and a full-scale Attack on Titan lawn ornament. Again, these are all things that people would probably buy with pleasure. But hey, you can sign up to be notified if these products ever actually become things, so there is still hope that we may one day be able to purchase Bane Mask Walkie Talkies or the NERF Nuke.

Photo Source: ThinkGeek