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Top 10 Rainy Day Activities for Car Geeks

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If you’re a proud car geek, chances are you might view weekends as prime time for engaging in car shows, dealer events, or working on your car. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Gusting winds and deluges of rain might thwart your open-door garage car-tinkering plans. You might even be tempted to just sit around and mope.

There are so many creative ways to stay sane and feed your passion despite inclement weather. Check out these top 10 rainy day activities to try next time Mother Nature dampens your spirit.

Veg out on your favorite car movie

The sky’s the limit with such a variety of great car movies out there: The Fast and the Furious, Drive, Rush, Mad Max, and Back to the Future. Re-watch an old favorite or explore something new, like one of these foreign films.

the auto firm velocity
Velocity’s newest show, The Auto Firm, is a must-watch
Photo: Discovery Communications

Watch a race or discover a new auto-themed TV show

See what’s brewing on the NASCAR or Motorsport channels. There’s always a live race to keep your car enthusiasm revved. When you’re done with the virtual fast lane, check out a auto-inspired TV shows. The Auto Firm, Top Gear, Canada’s Worst Driver, Car Warriors, and Fifth Gear are great places to start.

diy car maintenance

View some DIY car fix-it videos

Improve your auto knowledge and fix-it finesse by browsing online DIY videos. From changing your engine filter to fixing squeaky brakes, you can get a refresher on the basics or learn something new.

reading auto news

Feed your mind on the latest auto industry news

Rainy days are perfect for reading up on new models, new car technology, or the latest sales reports and trends for the industry. Check out the Rumors and New Car Research sections of The News Wheel, for starters.

Clean out your workshop or garage

Rainy weather is the perfect time to clean out and reorganize your workshop or garage. Clear the clutter from your work space, reorganize your tool box, sweep, or scrub the floor.

online shopping auto parts

Shop online for parts or tools

Search online for those parts or tools you’ve been meaning to buy for the past couple of weeks and keep forgetting. Amazon, Mac Tools, Snap-on, and Tool Source are a few of the best resources out there.

toy car collection
Photo: Horakvlado

Organize your car memorabilia

You know that box in the back of your closet overflowing with random car fan souvenirs? A rainy day is a great time to sort through your car memorabilia, get rid of unwanted paraphernalia, and decorate some corner of your house with a few more auto-themed treasures.

buddies and food

Invite your car buddies over for some DIY and food

Text your buddies, set up some chairs in your garage or workshop, then call for some food delivery. Despite the wet whirlwind going on outside, you can still have a fun DIY class on a new car improvement skill and enjoy some car talk.

uploading car photos

Edit and upload pictures from your latest car event

Some weekends, you might be so busy attending car events and shows that you forget to check out the great photos you took. Rainy days provide the perfect opportunity for editing and uploading your latest car shots.

car playlist

Put together some new playlists to listen to in the car

When was the last time you had a fresh playlist to listen to while driving around in your car? Put together a new playlist of your favorite bands or newest hits. Or you could tap into some car-themed songs like Luke Bryan’s Chevy tunes.

Source: Autoblog