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Top 10 Rainy Day Activities for Car Geeks

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If you’re a true gearhead, you view the weekend as a prime time for attending car shows, going on joy rides, or working on your car in the driveway. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Gusting winds and deluges of rain might thwart your tinkering or cruising plans. You might even be tempted to just sit around and mope.

There are so many creative ways to stay sane and feed your passion despite inclement weather. Consider any of these top 10 rainy day activities next time Mother Nature dampens your spirit.

Person with remote control, a container of popcorn, and a blanket sitting on a chair or couch
Photo: The News Wheel

Munch on popcorn and watch your favorite car movie or show

The sky’s the limit with such a variety of great car movies out there: The Fast and the Furious, Drive, Ford v. Ferrari, Mad Max, and Back to the Future, just to name a few. Re-watch an old favorite like Bullit, Le Mans, The Love Bug. Or, discover something new, like one of these foreign films. Crank the volume up so you can hear the rumble of the engines in glorious surround sound.

See what’s brewing on your favorite motorsport show or start watching a new one. There are countless car-themed TV shows on cable channels like the Discovery Channel and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Rewatching classic episodes of Top Gear is never a bad way to spend your time!

Close-up of car tokens in Formula De motor racing board game

Play a racing board game with your family

There are many excellent board games out there to appeal to gearheads like you. Whether you want something thinky and challenging or something quick and exciting, you’re sure to find a game you’ll enjoy playing with your family. Buy one from your local game store if you don’t already own one (they’ll appreciate your business!). If you’re looking for recommendations, here are my top suggestions.

Woman putting a blanket on a car windshield under the wipers in order to install new wiper blades
Photo: The News Wheel

Watch DIY car fix-it videos to learn something new

Improve your auto knowledge and fix-it finesse by browsing online DIY videos (like the ones made by The News Wheel). Whether it’s changing the engine air filter or fixing squeaky brakes, you can get a refresher on the basics or learn something new.

Pages from the Steve McQueen Bullitt Book featuring the Ford Mustang
Photo: The News Wheel

Feed your brain with books on car history

Rainy days are perfect for reading a new book about hot rod culture or your favorite motorsports team. We have a library of recommendations if you’re looking for a page-turner on car history.

Interior of a garage with a  ladder, step-ladder, shop-vac, paint, scraper, boxes, and a basketball
Photo: The News Wheel

Clean out your garage

Don’t waste this bad weather sitting on the couch. Use the time to clean out and reorganize your garage. Clear the clutter from your workspace, reorganize your toolbox, sweep up the debris, and scrub the floor. It’s probably been a long time since you gave this space the attention it needed.

Amazon delivery boxes sitting on a porch outside a front door
Photo: The News Wheel

Shop online for car parts or tools

Search online for those parts or tools you’ve been meaning to buy for the past couple of weeks and keep forgetting. Amazon, Mac Tools, Snap-on, and Tool Source are a few of the best resources out there. If you want to accessorize your car with some convenient accessories, now is the time!

A vintage model car
Photo: The News Wheel

Organize your car memorabilia

You know that box in the back of your closet overflowing with random racing souvenirs? A rainy day is a great time to sort through your car memorabilia, get rid of unwanted items, and decorate a corner of your room with auto-themed treasures. Make a scrapbook of document clippings and old Polaroids of your very first car.

Person holding a video game controller for a Nintendo 64 retro console
Photo: The News Wheel

Invite your car buddies over for racing video games

Text your friends, set up some chairs in your living room, and call for some food delivery. Despite the wet whirlwind going on outside, you can still have a fun afternoon playing Forza Horizon and enjoying some car talk.

Classic vehicles on display at a car show
Photo: The News Wheel

Edit and upload pictures from your latest car event

Some weekends, you might be so busy attending car cruises and car shows that you forget to share the great photos you took. Rainy days provide the perfect opportunity for editing and uploading your latest car shots to Facebook or Instagram. You can even have a car TV show on in the background!

An MP3 player hooked up to a car infotainment system
Photo: The News Wheel

Put together a new playlist to listen to in the car

When was the last time you had a fresh playlist to listen to while commuting in your car? Put together a new Spotify playlist of your favorite band’s hits or racing-inspired soundtracks. Good music can elevate any drive!

Don’t waste this rainy day browsing through social media or dreaming about what you could be doing if the sun were out. There are many ways you can still make this day productive.