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Top 4 Remote Control Cars for Toddlers

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toddler playing with a remote control car
Some adult gearheads trace their passion for autos back to their first RC car
Photo: Mike Liu via CC

It’s never too early to start a life-long love for remote control cars. Here are four RC cars that toy manufacturers designed with your toddler in mind.

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My First Cartoon RC Race Car

This colorful RC car comes with three different drivers that your little one can switch between. An intuitively designed remote makes it easy for small hands to operate the car and control the music. At the time of writing, this RC car set is available on Amazon for $15.94.


A great choice for your child’s first RC car experience, JOYIN RC Cars conveniently comes with two vehicles that each have their own remote, so both of you can have some fun. The controllers have an ergonomic design that’s easy for young ones to hold as they develop finger strength and flexibility while using the toy. As of now, you can purchase the cars via Amazon for $22.99.

MaxTronic Amphibious RC Car

If your toddler likes to play rough with their toys, go with this amphibious off-road RC car from MaxTronic. It’s 100-percent waterproof and can travel over a variety of terrain, so your child can drive it through puddles, over gravel, and in the grass without shortening the shelf life. Add on 360-degree spin and 180-degree flip capabilities and you get one rugged RC car that promises to weather your toddler’s play sessions for many days to come. This RC car is currently available through Amazon for under $35.

Top Race Remote Control Dump Truck

For the toddler that’s more interested in construction trucks than conventional cars, this RC dump truck from Top Race should suit. The truck is good for both indoor and outdoor use. At the time of writing, you can purchase it from Amazon for $34.99.

Besides RC cars, reading car-themed books is another good way to get toddlers interested in autos. And check out these fun children’s songs about cars that you can add to your toddler’s playlist for family commutes and road trips.

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