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Top 5 Car Scenes in “One Tree Hill”

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It’s official: One Tree Hill is being removed from Netflix in October. Many fans are binge-watching the series before it is taken away (myself included), so I decided to highlight some of my favorite car-related scenes from the show, in order of appearance.

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Top 5 Car Scenes in One Tree Hill

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Lucas Tows the Comet

Introducing the Comet, this is a scene that changed the entire course of the show. In One Tree Hill‘s pilot episode, Peyton’s 1963 Mercury Comet breaks down by the water. She calls for a tow from Keith Scott Body Shop; Keith sends Lucas out for the job. Before this point, Lucas has only admired Peyton from afar; they haven’t had the chance to speak. This scene is their first conversation, and Peyton isn’t too happy about it, going as far as to call Lucas a jerk to his face. This moment is referenced several times throughout the series, including at Peyton and Lucas’ wedding – which takes place in this same spot in Tree Hill.


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Nathan Crashes Racecar

Charlotte, North Carolina is a goldmine in the NASCAR world; luckily, Charlotte is only a few hours from the fictional town of Tree Hill. After Haley left on tour, Nathan is left in a distressed emotional state. Nathan’s uncle, Cooper, is a professional racecar driver, and he invites Nathan and Lucas up to take a spin on the track. During their race, Nathan comes in last place, adding to his frustrations. Rather than pulling into the dugout at the end of the race, he shifts gears and takes off for another lap around the track. Cooper and several other professionals try communicating with Nathan through his headset, but Nathan simply ignores them. Eventually, Nathan says he wants to try some “200 mile an hour therapy,” accelerating and exceeding the speed limitations set at the beginning of the race. Memories of Haley flash through his mind as he crashes into the wall of the track. Lucas and Cooper pull him out of the vehicle as it goes up in flames.


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Limo Goes Over the Bridge

Rarely does a wedding in Tree Hill go off without a hitch (pun intended). The first couple of the series to get married, Nathan and Haley, start off the trend in the season three finale. After Nathan and Haley’s wedding reception, Rachel jumps into the limo—drunk—and takes off with Cooper riding shotgun. Eventually, Cooper convinces her to pull over and they switch drivers. The two begin arguing on the drive back; Cooper tells Rachel he doesn’t want to be with her anymore and she doesn’t take it well. As they approach the Molina Bridge, Rachel grabs the wheel. Simultaneously, Haley and Nathan pull onto the bridge, on their way to the airport in Lucas’ 1967 Mustang Fastback. The limo swerves to miss the newlyweds, sending it over the side of the bridge and into the water. Nathan jumps into the water to save them, but eventually runs out of air. Lucas and Karen arrive on the scene and Lucas jumps in the water to help. Everyone involved survives the incident, but the event haunts them in the time following the accident.


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Jamie Drives the Mustang

After losing Keith, Lucas found inspiration from his uncle when trying to be a positive role model for his nephew Jamie. The 12th episode of season five opens with Lucas telling Jamie a story about a road trip he took with his mom and his uncle. During the trip, Keith let Lucas drive by sitting on his lap and controlling the steering wheel. Repeating history in present day, Lucas pulls Jamie onto his lap and lets him steer the Mustang. The scene is heartfelt, with Haley in the passenger’s seat, highlighting the innocence of Jamie’s youth and the strong relationships that a family helps to build.


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Brooke and Jamie Nearly Drown

In one of the most intense scenes in the series, second to the school shooting episode, Brooke Davis almost loses her life in a hit and run. During an intense storm, Brooke storms out of the house after a fight with Julian. She drives around town in the torrential downpour and comes across an accident; the vehicle is on its side, pressed up against the rails of the Gable Bridge. Lauren, a teacher, was driving Jamie, Madison, and Chuck home from the spelling bee when they crashed. Brooke runs over to the vehicle and gets Lauren, Madison, and Chuck into her car, but Jamie’s seatbelt is jammed. The others leave for the hospital while Brooke stays behind to help free Jamie.

Soon after, a maroon Jeep Grand Wagoneer crashes into the side of Lauren’s car, flipping it off the bridge and into the water. Julian (Brooke’s boyfriend) then jumps into the water to help, but Brooke’s leg is stuck underneath the steering column. When the levee breaks, the car begins to flood with water. Brooke asks Julian to save Jamie first and come back for her. By the time he gets her out, Brooke is motionless and her lungs are full of water. Thankfully, she is able to cough up the water and survive the incident, but it was definitely a near-death experience.



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