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Top 5 Weird Car Laws in California

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Across the country, strange laws remain in place from decades past when, for whatever reason, it seemed sane to create a rule that said a woman couldn’t cut her own hair without her husband’s permission (Michigan), or that children weren’t allowed to go trick-or-treating on Halloween (Virginia). Car laws are no exception. Read on to discover the top five weird car laws in California that remain in effect today.

5. No Roadway Farming

Top Five Weird Car Laws in California

Grow your rutabagas elsewhere, citizens of Chico
Photo: Seedambassadors, via Picasa

In Chico, California, it is illegal to grow rutabagas in the roadway. This law was introduced in order for the city to save money on crop dusting its streets.

4. Wear Your Clothes, Ladies

Top Five Weird Car Laws in California

Californian women, avoid driving in a house coat or you could be arrested
Photo: Dave S, via Flickr

It’s illegal for any woman to drive a car while wearing a house coat across the entire state of California. Presumably, sweatpants or PJs are okay, though. Possibly even nightgowns.

3. Choose to Snooze Inside

Top Five Weird Car Laws in California

Sure, this is as good a place as any to sleep… but not in Eureka

In Eureka, California, it is illegal for any person to use the road as a bed. So if you’re feeling drowsy on a long road trip and that nice patch of asphalt is looking mighty comfy, best move on or face the wrath of the law.

2. Watch Out for Peacocks

Top Five Weird Car Laws in California

This guy has more rights than your car in Acadia
Photo: Worm That Turned, via Wikimedia

In Acadia, California, peacocks are granted right of way when it comes to crossing any streets. That includes driveways, so you’d better check for peacocks the next time you’re leaving your house.

1. Jump Out of Your Car Responsibly

Top Five Weird Car Laws in California

Don’t do this at 65 mph in Glendale, or there’ll be trouble

In Glendale, California, it’s against the law to jump out of a car at 65 mph. No word on whether or not it’s okay to jump out of a car at 63 mph or at 75 mph, but we’d assume that common sense would apply in this case.


We love weird laws. What’s the weirdest road law in your state?