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Top 7 Vehicles to be Discontinued for 2018

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Whether due to low sales or an outdated design, these seven rides are on the “endangered” list. Enjoy these rides while you can before waving them goodbye in 2018.

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Holden will be sending 1,000 more Chevy SS sedans to the United States

Chevrolet SS

7. Chevrolet SS

There are a few theories about why the Chevrolet SS (with a name that sounds more like a trim level than a car make) is getting phased out. This luxury/rear-drive sedan hybrid with a butt load of advanced features might’ve looked great in theory. However, on paper, it was just too much of a good thing—especially for those looking for a more minimalistic, affordable performance sedan.



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Automotive News has reported the Buick Verano compact sedan will be discontinued following the 2017 model year

Buick Verano

6. Buick Verano

2017 marked a shortened model year and low sales for the Buick Verano. Though some were fans of the elegant, plush interior paired with smooth, quiet handling, there’s no doubt that more Buick fans prefer its brother, the compact crossover Encore. No wonder the brand is phasing it out for 2018.



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Discontinuation of the Hyundai Azera on the Table?

Hyundai Azera

5. Hyundai Azera

The Hyundai Azera midsize sedan is yet another “casualty” we can expect for 2018. With a fashionable interior and bevy of standard perks, this model did well enough for itself. It just couldn’t compete with the brand’s larger Equus and Genesis offerings. Another reason for its decline: the promising revamped design of the 2018 Sonata.



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The 2016 Honda Accord coupe is available with either a manual or automatic transmission

4. Honda Accord Coupe

Another auto that will become extinct in 2018 is the Honda Accord Coupe. Meshing the Accord’s versatility with the sporty potency of a 2-door ride with V6 capabilities was a great idea; yet the 2017 release of the high-performing Civic Type R and Civic Si erased the demand for the Accord Coupe.



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Jeep Patriot

3. Jeep Patriot

Although Jeep fans have hailed the Patriot as the most affordable that the brand offers, the compact crossover Compass outshines it. This year’s release of the revamped Compass has given consumers an additional option for off-roading prowess that renders the Jeep Patriot obsolete.



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2016 Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg

2. Volkswagen Touareg

Although an international consumer base might not have minded the hefty price tag of the Volkswagen Touareg, the low volume of US sales catalyzed the brand to coin the new Atlas which will debut in 2018. The Atlas eclipses the Touareg in affordability and efficiency, two top preferences for American car buyers.



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1. BMW Z4

The BMW Z4 is a capable performance ride in its own right, but luxury convertibles just aren’t a consumer priority right now. That combined with the fact that the updated BMW Z5 version is imminent are two very good reasons why the manufacturer is pulling this car for 2018.




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