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Toronto Buses and Cars Suffer Raptor Victory

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Cubs fans celebrate by wrecking cars near Wrigley Field after Chicago wins World Series
The situation is giving us flashbacks to what happened when the Cubs won the World Series…

There are many things Americans and Canadians do differently, but at least we now know something that we all do the same.

Riot when our teams win a championship.

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In case you missed it, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game Six in the 2019 NBA Finals last week, bringing home Canada’s first NBA championship trophy. It was a pretty big deal, especially considering how much the Warriors have dominated the last few seasons of professional basketball. When they won, Toronto residents took to the streets to celebrate with chants of “We the North,” fireworks, and occasional bouts of “O Canada.” CTV News reports that most of the revelers only broke laws by crowding the streets, but some took out all of their happiness on nearby cars and buses.

When all was said and done, Toronto police reported damage to “a few” special events buses and two police cars. Video reportedly from Thursday night’s festivities showed a man on the police cruiser kicking in the windshield.

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“They are really just property offenses,” Supt. Michael Barsky told CP24. “Yes, some people got carried away, but when you consider that there was probably in excess of 10,000 people in this square… There was no fights, there was no high tensions and there was no injuries in any way or form.”

We Americans need to give the Canadians credit: at this time, there are no reports of flipped cars, couches on fire, or sports fans climbing up traffic lights. Which, if we need to remind you, is something witnessed at least once here in these fine United States.

News Source: CTV News