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Toronto-Area Thieves Find New Way to Steal Luxury Vehicles

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When you invest in a premium vehicle, the last thing you want is to have it stolen. Unfortunately, though, thieves have found a new way to drive away in fancy cars that don’t belong to them.

CTV News reports that the Toronto area has seen several high-tech thefts of luxury vehicles in recent months. In each instance, criminals have used special relay technology that taps into a driver’s key fob signal inside his or her house. Using this amplified fob signal, thieves can revert the vehicle to its factory settings and create a duplicate fob. Then, they can get inside the vehicle, start it up, and escape the scene.

Police say owners of luxury vehicles need to take precautions to keep this from happening to them.

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One of the easiest ways to help prevent relay-style thievery is to keep your vehicle’s key fob inside a special case that blocks would-be hackers from accessing the signal. Parking in a garage is also an effective way to prevent these types of thefts — or parking in a well-lit area if you don’t have a garage.

One Toronto-area business owner sells a device that provides vehicle owners with an extra layer protection from relay theft.

This technology, offered by Jeff Bates of Lockdown Security, involves a second fob key that drivers must physically access — with a PIN entry or the press of a button — to start the vehicle. Even if a thief manages to steal the signal of the primary fob, the secondary fob keeps the crook from starting the vehicle.

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