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Toronto Residents Report Lengthier Average Commutes

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Toronto residents are reporting longer commutes
Photo: James Schwartz (Creative Commons 2.0)

Making the trip to the office and back even more of a grind, daily commutes are getting longer for Toronto-area residents.

In a Forum Research poll commissioned by the Toronto Star newspaper, residents reported spending an average of 42 minutes each way as they journey to and from work. That’s an 8 percent increase compared to a similar poll from 2013.

Poll results weren’t the same across the board. In some parts of the area, including East York, Scarborough, and the City of Toronto, residents actually reported shorter commutes.

However, average trips for North York residents lengthened by 21 percent to 45 minutes. And in Etobicoke/York, commutes increased by 31 percent to 46 minutes.

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Results also varied depending on the type of transportation. People who took public transportation reported the longest average commute: 52 minutes. People who drove reported an average trip of 40 minutes. For cyclist, the average journey duration fell to 31 minutes, and walkers enjoyed the shortest commutes of all at 22 minutes.

Respondents differed on the best solution, with 58 percent urging more public transit and 17 percent preferring more roads. Almost 60 percent said their quality of life was hurt of by long commutes.

Toronto’s long commutes cost area residents more than just time. According to a 2018 study from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, residents who commute into the city from the suburbs can spend anywhere from $200 to $800 more a month. In the long run, those monthly costs often end up canceling out the cheaper cost of suburban housing.

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