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Toyota and Subaru Confirm Next-Gen GT86/BR-Z

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2018 Toyota 86
Photo: Toyota

Toyota and Subaru have confirmed they will continue to work together to make the next generation of the affordable, rear-wheel-drive sports car sold around the world as the Toyota GT86 (or just 86 in the United States) and Subaru BR-Z.

Though no details were provided about the car’s specs — it’s likely far too early for that — Toyota president Akio Toyoda affirmed his belief in the importance of cars like the Toyota 86 that deliver driving enjoyment in the coming age of autonomous cars.

“During this once-in-a-century period of profound transformation, even if CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electric) changes how cars will be, driving enjoyment will remain an inherent part of automobiles and is something that I think we must continue to strongly preserve,” Toyoda said..

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The two companies also announced they would work on a new generation of cars that will use Subaru’s expertise with all-wheel-drive drivetrains and Toyota’s expertise with electrified powertrains. Toyoda even had a few nice words to say about his experience at the wheel of Subaru cars.

“I myself, am a rallyist, and, through my experience of training hard in an Impreza, I have felt in my veins the wonders of Subaru’s AWD technologies,” he said. How nice.

Toyota and Subaru’s collaboration on future vehicles is part of a larger alliance, as the two companies have also strengthened their stake in each other, furthering an alliance that already goes back 14 years.

“By taking our relationship one step further and mutually honing our technologies, we will strengthen our ability to respond to CASE and other demands, and will accelerate our shared aspirations for making ever-better cars,” said Subaru president Tomomi Nakamura. “This new step in our alliance with Toyota will lead to enhancing ‘Enjoyment and Peace of Mind’ that Subaru is committed to deliver; and I am confident that our customers will love what we offer through these efforts.”

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