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Toyota Canada Reports Increased Q3 Sales

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Toyota badge on 2020 Toyota 86 TRD
Photo: Toyota

Toyota Canada reported an increase in overall vehicle sales for the third quarter of 2020. Though it was only 0.4 percent, this is nonetheless an impressive feat in the context of a global pandemic.

From the period between July and September, Toyota Canada reported sales of 63,827 vehicles. Of these, 57,287 were Toyota-badged while the remainder were from the company’s Lexus division. So far this year, Toyota Canada has sold 140,778 vehicles. It will have to sell another 96,313 to match its 2019 performance, which seems like a tall order.

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Nonetheless, not only did Toyota Canada increase Q3 sales, it also set a new monthly record in September. Overall sales reached 22,234 — up about 14 percent compared to the same period last year.

The Japanese automaker says it has electrified vehicles to thank for the impressive sales performances. In July, EVs accounted for 17.5 percent of Toyota Canada’s total vehicle sales. In August, that had grown to 21.2 percent; and in September, grown further still to 21.9 percent.

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As a result, Toyota Canada sold 12,956 electrified vehicles in 2020 Q3, its best quarter sales ever — and it expects the trend to continue thanks to new vehicles like the all-new RAV4 Prime and the return of the Venza crossover.

At the end of last month, we saw that global Toyota sales were recovering faster than expected in light of COVID-19 — particularly in Canada. Though matching last year’s annual sales performance is a tall order, if Toyota Canada continues to perform as well as it has in September, it may get pretty close.