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Toyota FT-1 Racing Car Will Melt Your Brain

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Toyota FT-1 Racing Car

The Toyota FT-1 Concept at NAIAS

Remember the Toyota FT-1 Concept? We certainly do. This sporty number caught our eye at the Detroit Auto Show back in January, and since then we’ve developed a slight obsession with it, wondering if a production version would ever come to fruition. Toyota has certainly strongly hinted that it was at least considering producing the FT-1 for us regular folks to purchase. The latest reports suggest that a Toyota FT-1 racing car could be a possibility for use in Japan’s Super GT Series, which would make us very happy indeed.

A photo leaked online depicts several FT-1 renderings, including one that would look very much at home on the race track. Rather than the hot red color the concept version came in, the possible Toyota FT-1 racing car is white with red accents. This car’s front splitter is much larger and more prominent than the concept’s, for starters. Additionally, the car has bright red end plates, side skirts, and wing mirrors; as well as a large fixed rear wing.

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The FT-1 Concept that we’ve come to know and love over the last few months is a sexy red sports car with an impressive, eye-catching design. The FT in its name stands for Future Toyota, and the vehicle itself was designed by Calty Design Research Studio—the firm also responsible for the ’78 Celica, the Supra, and the Lexus SC400. Calty molded the FT-1 concept so it would appear as if it were sculpted by the breeze, which would be fairly strong if the car goes as fast as we think (hope) it will.

Stay tuned for more news on this possible Toyota FT-1 racing car, as well as anything more we hear about the production of this incredible model.

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