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Toyota Hybrid Sales Reach 7 Million Mark

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Toyota hybrid sales

2014 Toyota Prius

If there’s one thing Toyota’s known for, it’s hybrid vehicles. The Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, beginning sales in Japan in 1997 and the US in 2000. Since then, the Prius and other Toyota hybrid vehicles have become instantly-recognizable fixtures on our roads. Unsurprisingly, Toyota recently hit a milestone of 7 million hybrid vehicles sold worldwide, which was up from Toyota hybrid sales of 6 million just nine months ago.

Since the Prius’ inception 17 years ago, Toyota has expanded the lineup to include three other versions in addition to the original: a smaller city car (Prius c), a family-friendly wagon (Prius v), and the Prius Plug-In, which boasts an MPGe rating of 95. Toyota also offers hybrid versions of its popular Camry, Avalon, and Highlander models, which have experienced a growth in popularity as consumer demand for lower fuel costs and lower carbon footprints increases.

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Such rapid Toyota hybrid sales growth isn’t new to the Japanese automaker. Toyota was at 6 million hybrids sold in January 2014, which was doubled from the 3 million total sold back in March 2011. Three million sales in less than three years is definitely something to celebrate.

Although Toyota’s hybrid sales in 2014 were lagging behind 2013’s numbers by 9.1% in the first three quarters, the automaker is still the clear leader in the hybrid field. And with the introduction of its Fuel Cell Sedan in 2015, Toyota hopes that consumer interest in its alternative fuel sources will continue to grow for years to come.