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Toyota Takes Three of Nine Spots on Best Off-Road Vehicles List

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While most people do the majority of their driving on the road, there are many who enjoy taking their vehicles off the beaten track every now and then, enjoying the dirt roads and the wilderness. Obviously, not all vehicles are made for off-road driving, but the ones that are can turn your regular drive into a thrill ride. In the recent list Best Off-Road Vehicles list released by Consumer Reports, Toyota vehicles featured a whopping three times out of the nine models mentioned.

Best Off-Road Vehicles List

The 4Runner SR5 made the Best Off-Road Vehicles List

In order to determine the nine best off-road vehicles, Consumer Reports took the models in question (as well as others that didn’t make the grade) to its “Rock Hill”—a 23-degree hill featuring boulders of varying shapes and sizes set in cement. The facilities allows for testing a vehicle’s axle articulation, suspension travel, traction, approach and departure angles, and much more. The course is designed to emulate the type of terrain found in many off-road settings across the country.

Best Off-Road Vehicles List

The Tacoma also made the Best Off-Road Vehicles List

The three Toyota vehicles that made the Best Off-Road Vehicles list were the 4Runner SR5, the Sequoia Limited, and the Tacoma. All three vehicles performed admirably and made for a comfortable yet exciting ride. The six other vehicles that made the grade were the Lexus GX460, the Infiniti QX60, the Land Rover Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport, the Nissan Frontier LE, and the Ram 1500 Big Horn (V8).

In the report, Consumer Reports mentions the “ten most capable vehicles currently on sale,” while listing only nine. Could this mean that there aren’t 10 vehicles capable of meeting the requirements? Or should there be another Toyota listed (perhaps the Tundra)? We can only speculate.

News Source: Consumer Reports