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Toyota’s Hideki Hada Receives Patent for Vehicle Speed Indication

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Toyota engineer Hideki Hada

Toyota engineer Hideki Hada

Hideki Hada, General Manager of the Integrated Systems Department at Toyota Technical Center (TTC) in Ann Arbor, MI, wants you to be safe. As roads become more congested and commutes become more dicey by the day, Hideki and the TTC are working to develop technology that will help ease congestion and make daily drives safer for all involved. One example of such technology is Vehicle Speed Indication, for which Hideki Hada and his team recently received a patent.

Vehicle Speed Indication uses vehicle to vehicle communication in order to help drivers predict slow-downs and congestions ahead and adjust their speed accordingly so as not to add to the congestion. Hideki Hada explains it pretty well: “Cars transmit their actual traveling speed to highway infrastructure via Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC). The highway infrastructure management system collects that data and calculates an optimal traveling speed of vehicles on that highway based on the traffic condition in the area.  This optimal traveling speed is sent to vehicles again using DSRC wireless communication.  By these vehicles following this suggested traveling speed, the flow on the highway is improved (smoother, no congestion).”

Hideki and his team will be hard at work at TTC over the coming years in order to perfect this technology, with the hopes that Vehicle Speed Indication and other similar technologies will help make the driving process much smoother in the future. We look forward to a time when we can help prevent road congestion by using this technology.