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Trailer for the Latest Pixar Movie “Onward” Features Two Elf Brothers Driving a Van

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Pixar once again returns to the automotive world in its latest feature film, where the mythical meets the suburban

One does not simply drive into Mordor
Photo: Disney/Pixar

This summer, Disney and Pixar are reuniting Buzz, Woody, and all your favorite toys for Toy Story 4. After the release of the fourth installment of Toy Story, Pixar is reportedly returning to a lineup of original movies, taking a break from the sequels and prequels it has produced in recent years.

The next Pixar feature following Toy Story 4 is called Onward, and this animated movie stars two elf brothers who embark on an epic journey in an equally epic van.

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You might not expect magical creatures like elves to travel around in a contemporary vehicle like a van. However, Onward is set in a magical world that appears to have lost its magic.

Instead, mythical beings like elves, centaurs, and mermaids live in a suburban environment. They even have dragons as household pets.

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The stars of the film are Ian Lightfoot, voiced by Tom Holland, and his older brother Barley Lightfoot, voiced by Chris Pratt. These two brother are on a quest to discover if magic still exists in their world, and the mode of transportation for this quest is a van straight out of the 1980s.

Like many vans from that period, Barley’s van is adorned with visages of pegasi and the night sky, although these images seem a bit more appropriate in the world of Onward. It also seems to be produced by an automaker named “Valor,” since the automakers of our world would probably not exist in the movie’s fantastical setting.

You can take a closer look at the van and the movie as a whole in the teaser trailer below:

Pixar is no stranger to automobiles in its movies. The Cars franchise is a testament to that, as is the Pizza Planet truck Easter egg that shows up in nearly all of their movies. Families everywhere will just have to wait and see if the Valor van has a deeper meaning in Onward when it hits theaters next year on March 6.