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Racing News: TRD Pro Tundra to Take On Baja

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TRD Pro Tundra to Take On Baja

TRD Pro Tundra to Take On Baja

The Toyota Tundra is many things. It’s a versatile truck that can haul an impressive load and looks ferocious on the road. It’s fun to drive and looks pretty damn good. And now, with the introduction of the 2015 Toyota TRD Pro Series Tundra, it’s set to impress off-road racing fans by running the 47th Annual SCORE Baja 1000 desert race.

This will be the first time Toyota has entered a vehicle to the race since the Baja Series Tacoma topped its class back in 2012, and it’s an extremely welcome comeback. The TRD Pro Tundra will compete in the Full Size Stock Class, which is fairly strict when it comes to regulations. In order to compete, the TRO Pro Tundra is getting some race-worthy work done by Herbst Smith Fabrication—a Huntington Beach, CA shop that has previously built a 4Runner for the Dream Build Challenge, and is up to speed with building custom rides.


So what does the TRD Pro Tundra need to take on Baja? First, it’ll have a welded roll-cage and tubular bumpers. Bilstein shocks will adorn the front and rear, albeit slightly souped up than the ones that come standard on the TRD Pro series trucks—these will be 9300 Series Black Hawk Bypass shocks. The front bucket and rear bench seats will be replaced by three racing seats. No word yet on what will happen to the stock dashboard, although it’s expected that it’ll be replaced by onboard fire suppression and kill switches in order to make it Baja 1000-worthy.

The Baja 1000 is a tough race, boasting more than 1,000 miles of rocky, unstable terrain. In other words, it’s the perfect place to really test the TRD Pro Tundra and similar trucks to ensure they’re the best they can be off-road.

The Baja 1000 takes place November 12-16, and I, for one, will be watching closely to see just what the TRD Pro Tundra is capable of.