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Tree Crushes LEAF Because Nature Loves Irony

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Tree Crushes LEAF

SCP-2159 – The Car-Hating Tree

If you ask someone who is still prone to dropping euphemisms first popularized fifty-or-so years ago that are meant to demean people concerned with the environment, they might just up and call the Nissan LEAF a car for tree huggers. If they saw the video below of a tree crushing a LEAF, they might feel inclined to change their tune.

VIDEO: Tree Crushes LEAF

If a tree falls onto a silent car on the freeway, does it make a sound? The answer: yes, it does. A very loud one.

Tree Crushes LEAF

The video is captured by the dashcam of one Daniel Wu, who was driving on Route 163 in San Diego when a massive oak tree tipped over and slammed into the windshield and hood of the car. Nobody was hurt in the incident, and Wu’s muted look of terror can be seen immediately after impact.

Tree Crushes LEAF


As it stands, the video has almost 200,000 views on YouTube. Of those viewers, the video has been liked 87 times and disliked once. It’s a fair bet that that one thumbs down can be traced back to a laptop sitting improbably at the foot of a tree.

Naturally, since it’s on YouTube, at least one of the comments had to be something stupid:


You heard sirhcskoorb, America. Forget about the LEAF if you want people to acknowledge your masculinity and make sure you buy the 2015 Hyugedong MusclePenis 350. As if we needed any more reason to suspect that sirhcskoorb isn’t on the up and up, yes, their picture is a tree stump sticking out of a toilet. Clearly, he’s on the tree’s side.

Fortunately, sirhcskoorb’s dumb comment was nullified by this far less dumb comment:

Best Comment

We all are. We all are.


No Nobody

What is this…ironing? Irony?…of which you speak?

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