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Truck Bed Transformations for Summer Fun

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2019 chevrolet colorado chicago auto show
2019 Chevrolet Colorado

The pandemic has most likely canceled the summer you planned on, but that does not mean you and your family can’t have fun at home (or in your driveway). You just need imagination, the truck bed of your Chevy Colorado or Chevy Silverado, and a willingness to try something new.

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Truck bed picnic

Eating outdoors is a fun way to share a meal with the people you love. Instead of throwing a blanket on the grass and inviting every ant to your soiree, transform your truck bed into an outdoor restaurant. Grab some pillows, a picnic blanket, your loved ones, and picnic-worthy grub, and break bread in your truck’s bed.  

Truck bed movie night

A movie under the stars is a great way to appreciate the evening. But, you don’t need to travel to a drive-in for the latest comedy, drama, or action-adventure flick. Just grab your laptop or tablet and your family’s movie choice. To help keep everyone comfortable and snuggly-close, use an air mattress and cover it will a soft sheet or blanket. If the temperature will drop while you’re watching, be sure to have another blanket within reach. A movie, whether at the theatre or in a truck bed, is more enjoyable with proper movie snacks. Pop the popcorn or secure some sugary candy. Ice cream or popsicles are often the sweet treats of choice in the summer, so indulge your family with something that will help them stay cool during the show. If you truly want to mimic the feeling of the big screen, drape a sheet against your garage door, the wall of your house, or build a stand-alone screen in view of your truck bed and use a projector to display the film.

Truck bed camping

Your truck has always made road trips and off-road camping trips epic adventures thanks to its tech and towing capability. So, take that experience and just keep it closer to home.

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These truck bed transformations will help you and your family make unforgettable memories this summer.