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HowStuffWorks and Toyota Tundra Interactive Backyard Makes Remodeling Fun

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Tundra Interactive Backyard

HowStuffWorks/Toyota Tundra Interactive Backyard

What does the Toyota Tundra have to do with designing your perfect backyard? Turns out, plenty! HowStuffWorks has created an Interactive Backyard website designed to show you how to build your dream backyard, with help from the workhorse 2014 Toyota Tundra. When you first get to the HowStuffWorks/Tundra Interactive Backyard website, you’ll see a lush green paradise on a sunny day, complete with a dark blue Tundra and a freshly-built dog house. Once you start to interact with the website, you’ll be able to click on links to videos, articles, and images on how to build a dog house, and well as view the exterior and interior of the Tundra up close. Clicking on the “Tundra interior” button will put you right in the front seat of the truck, and you can choose between Limited, 1794 Edition, and Platinum trims, showing you just how fancy the inside of a pickup truck can be.

Tundra Interactive Backyard

Inside the Tundra

From here, you can explore a picturesque koi pond, again with links to articles and videos on HowStuffWorks. If you get lost while navigation this virtual backyard, simply click on the “mini map” button, and choose the area you want to view. Additional areas include a pool, outdoor kitchen, and fire pit, along with helpful instructions on how you can get your drab and dreary backyard looking bright and cheerful—all with the help of the Toyota Tundra.

Tundra Interactive Backyard

We’d like this pool, please.

Of course, simply playing around with this fun website won’t magically make your backyard as beautiful as the demo one. But it’ll give you some ideas on how to get started, as well as giving you a good look at a pretty cool truck. And if you have the skills to create all this yourself, more power to you! Let us know how that turns out. Until then, we’ll be sitting in our so-so backyard, wishing we were this crafty!