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Australia is Getting a Turbodiesel Mazda3

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That's right. Australia. Is America getting one? Not yet. And why not? Because you hate fun, America. Why must you hate fun?

turbodiesel Mazda3

Want a turbodiesel Mazda3, America? Then stop being lame.

So, hey, we need to talk about how great the Mazda3 is. The Mazda3 has been a steady recipient of critical acclaim for its sporty performance, exceptional efficiency, and high-class redesign. It’s won a whole bunch of awards and is easily the best car that most people haven’t heard of. Well, if you call Australia home, the already-exceptional 3 is about to get even better this fall when a turbodiesel Mazda3 joins the lineup on September 1.

You hear that, America. A turbodiesel Mazda3. Why can’t we have nice things like that?

The Mazda3 diesel will be offered with six-speed manual and, for the first time ever, six-speed automatic transmission.

The Mazda3 diesel, branded the XD Astina, will only be available in hatchback and will boast combined fuel economy of around 47 miles per gallon. So, yeah, America. Why aren’t we getting this again? Oh, right, because you love boring Corollas and abhor diesel-powered joy. Why do you hate joy, America?

The Mazda3 XD Astina will likely be available for between $39,000-41,000 AUD when it launches later this spring. With analysts predicting that the amount of diesel cars sold in the United States could double or triple within the next five years, we can only hope that this will provide enough encouragement for Mazda to bring a diesel option for their beautiful 3 stateside.

Now, if we could just get people to stop leaning so much on tried-and-true yawn-machines like the Camry and Civic, then we’ll really be cooking.