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Twizzler Truck Crash Spills Licorice All Over I-70

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Photo source: Rostraver Central Fire Department

If you were traveling on I-70 south of Pittsburgh late last night, you may have gotten to enjoy some free Twizzlers. That’s because a tractor trailer carrying the red licorice confection swerved and hit a barrier on I-70 at 11:30 pm Wednesday evening, spilling licorice all over the interstate.

The crash occurred in a construction zone between Fayette City and Arnold City, forcing the highway to be closed for several hours while crews cleaned up the inconvenient yet delicious mess.

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Foggy conditions were likely the cause of the accident. Fortunately, no one, including the truck driver, sustained serious injuries as a result.

In light of the recent theft of a Hungry Howie’s Pizza truck carrying $85,000 in mozzarella cheese, it seems that right now is a dangerous time to be hauling junk food. No word on how much money the Twizzlers were worth, but if a trailer full of cheap shredded cheese can fetch 85 grand, then surely a big shipment of America’s favorite strawberry strands must be worth quite a bit.

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News Source: CBS Pittsburgh