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Two Crows vs. a Range Rover

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While the Range Rover is one of Land Rover’s most capable and rugged SUV models, sometimes it attracts the most unusual vandals. Case in point: the two crows that have been damaging a Nottinghamshire woman’s Range Rover for the past three years. 78-year-old Brenda Brown claims the devious duo pecks away at the vehicle’s windshield wipers and breaks off chunks of the rubber seals around the windows. “I don’t know what they’ve got against me,” she confessed.

In the past three years since the ordeal started, she’s had to replace the windshield wipers four times. They also peck at the side mirrors. Even though she’s tried multiple remedies, including covering up the windows and mirrors of the Range Rover, the crows keep up their habitual destruction.

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While the birds might seem to have it out for Brenda and her Rover, according to bird trainer Lloyd Buck, the birds’ behavior has a biological explanation. He stated that the birds probably saw their reflection in the SUV’s mirror, which triggered the aggressive response of them pecking away at the Range Rover.

Despite the mild damages to her SUV, Brown has grown used to the crows. She’s dubbed them “George and Agnes,” after her parents. She expressed her fondness for the birds: “It upsets me if there’s one day they miss coming, I wonder where they are.”

Despite the costliness of the vehicle repairs in this situation, you have to give credit for the birds for being so consistent in showing up each day to put a bit of excitement into an elderly resident’s life.

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News Source: The Drive