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Uber and Lyft Drivers: Help Uncover the Secret Behind Surge Pricing

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One of the most annoying things about being an Uber or Lyft passenger is surge pricing, which can turn a ride home from a night out into an expensive headache. It seems as if the fare strategy is even worse for drivers, with ridesharing apps adjusting how they compensate for during busy times. The team at Jalopnik is conducting a study to learn more about how much money drivers earn from their rides, and if you’re a driver you can help anonymously.

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We’re not usually about sending you off of our website here at The News Wheel. However, we think that transparency in the gig economy is essential. Jalopnik’s study is working towards getting the data everyone needs to make informed decisions before investing to join the driver ranks. Not only that, if its staff’s hunches are right, it could expose surge pricing as a true money grab that hurts drivers and passengers alike.

If you drive for Uber or Lyft and want to add your information to the Jalopnik study, visit There you can find information about how it handles data (and guards your privacy). On the front page, you can select the service you drive for, if the fare is regular or Prime/Surge time, how much the rider paid, how much you received, and how much the app took from the transaction. You will have to answer a few other questions, as well as upload a screenshot of the receipt for verification purposes. It’s a quick process that you can easily complete on your phone.

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We all want an affordable way to get around town and an easy way to earn money. If we all helped grow the rideshare boom, it only makes sense that we collaborate to keep it accountable.

News Source/Study Explanation: Jalopnik