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Uber Settles Out of Court With Self-Driving Car Crash Victim’s Family

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Uber has reached a settlement with the family of Elaine Herzberg, who died after a self-driving Uber struck her as she crossed the street with her bicycle in Arizona.

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The crash, which occurred late on Sunday, the 18th, has been under investigation ever since, and meanwhile has generated reactions across the industry, from Uber shutting down testing across the continent, competitors like Waymo declaring that their vehicles would not have had that problem, suppliers of self-driving vehicle sensors denying responsibility, and Arizona revoking the company’s license to test in the state.

Meanwhile, the family has agreed to forgo legal action against Uber, which may have brought the matter into an expensive and public ordeal. The law firm representing the family of Herzberg’s husband and daughter told Reuters that the matter was resolved, and so would not give further comment. Neither the terms of the settlement or the names of the family members were disclosed, and Uber has declined to comment.

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The settlement represents one loose end tied up in the tangled mess that led to and resulted from the crash. Still left hanging loose are allegations that Uber was far behind the competition with problems in everyday driving situations like road construction and driving beside tall vehicles, and was engaging in unsafe practices like only using a single driver per vehicle.

Largely, Uber has remained silent about the issue beyond halting testing and saying it is cooperating with authorities.

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