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Uber Tried So Hard to Find a Female CEO

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Uber LogoIn case you haven’t heard from one of the many stories floating around The News Wheel, Uber is in a bit of trouble. There are many issues that have led to the dumpster fire it is right now, but sexism in the ride sharing app’s main offices and the recent departure of its CEO are top of its list of current problems. To try and recover from its bad image, the company committed to looking for female candidates to fill the top spot of Uber’s hierarchy. Well guys, they tried super hard to find a qualified woman, but it seems like the shortlist of CEO candidates is comprised of three men.

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Before any ladies get upset, Uber wants them to know that they did try to court some prominent female executives in the land of tech and cars. Examples given to The Washington Post from an unnamed internal source included name like Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Mary Barra of General Motors, Meg Whitman of HP, and Susan Wojcicki of YouTube. These women represent the crème de la crème of their chosen industries, but reportedly all of them said no to the post because they did not want their name tied to a brand that is growing more toxic by the day.

The phenomena of looking to a female executive in times of crisis is referred to as the glass cliff by experts and The Washington Post. Regardless of what it says about women’s perceived ability to lead in times of dire need, it sets females executives up for dramatic failure (and criticism) if they are unable to save a sinking ship. We don’t blame these top female executives for not wanting to get involved with the accusations surrounding Uber and the issues on the horizon with labor laws and passenger safety issues.

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Whether it ever occurred to Uber to look within its own ranks for a new female leader, we will probably never know. Sources say that the tech firm is looking to announce a new leader around Labor Day. Just don’t get your hopes up for a shift in perspective.

News Source: The Washington Post