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UK to Begin Testing Roads That Charge Electric Vehicles Wirelessly

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75,000th Nissan LEAF

The main problem with electric vehicles today is so-called “range anxiety.” Most electric vehicles have a very limited range when compared to gas-powered counterparts, with most EVs only managing less than 100 miles before running out of juice. Then the car needs to be recharged at an outlet, which can take up to eight hours, or at a quick-charging station, which are few and far between unless you own a Tesla, and even then, you wouldn’t want to go on any lengthy drives in Iowa or North Dakota.

Highways England, the government division that oversees roadways, announced that it is testing wireless charging technology installed under the road to allow electric cars to recharge on the fly. First, they plan to test the technology on a test track, after which they will move to road tests if results look good.

If successful, this technology would make electric cars a much more feasible car choice, whether the technology extends electric car range to the level of gas cars or to the point of continuous driving.

News Source: Fortune