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Universal Driving Offenses Made by Young Drivers

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Inexperience, youth, and the challenging scope of maneuvering a vehicle will inevitably lead to mistakes, lapses in judgment, and bad driving. Teen drivers, even on their best driving days, are still learning the rules of the road, how to handle traffic, and how to stay focused behind the wheel. (To be honest, even the most experienced driver can struggle with distractions while driving).

But what are the most common issues plaguing teen drivers?

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According to AAA’s survey of 142 driving instructors, “Skills of a Novice Teen Drivers,” the top three problems teen drivers contend with are speeding, distractions, and poor visual scanning —“driving with tunnel vision and not properly scanning the road for risks or hazards.”

Speeding not only applies to disobeying posted speed limits, but also to misreading conditions and driving at an unsafe speed.

Distractions can be technologically based — cell phone addiction — or encompass social interaction with their passengers; a distraction can also be simply taking their eyes of the road to look at something in the car.

According to Top Driver, teens are super guilty of tailgating.

Other risky driving behaviors teens tend to exhibit include not using a turn signal, driving while under the influence, and not fastening their seatbelts, reports

Emergency situations can also be exceptionally trying for young drivers.

“At times, you must swerve your car or quickly correct the direction of your wheels. Many times, teen drivers over-compensate in these situations, and make a dangerous situation worse by losing control of their car,”  according to

Driving when tired is a common and seriously dangerous practice of teen drivers.

“As a teen, you need a lot of sleep — more than most adults. Yet, your schedule may not let you get the rest your body and mind require. This leads to driving while drowsy, which delays reaction time, decreases awareness, and results in auto accidents,” reports

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How teens drive can be greatly influenced by what they drive as well. recommends teens get behind the wheel of a vehicle that is well-equipped in advanced safety technologies, is not a sports car, and not of huge proportions.

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