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Unsuspecting Non-Parents Waylaid by Ford’s Mother of All Driving Challenges

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Crying Child Mother of All Driving Challenges

When you think of extreme driving challenges, you’ll likely think of making hairpin turns, steep climbs, and quick descents. You’re liable to think of blistering, dune-covered deserts or blinding frozen tundras. You’re liable to think about pushing your vehicle to the absolute limits.

Ford had a different idea in mind when asking a number of participants to take part in the “Mother of All Driving Challenges”: pushing the driver to the absolute limit.

Putting several drivers behind the wheel of an Escape, Ford tasked participants with properly securing a child’s seat and making a few laps around the track with a couple of little ones in the backseat. At some point, they are asked to stop and load in some groceries, with most managing to spill half of their bags on the ground.

It’s an eye-opening affair for the test subjects, with ice cream spilled, silly strong shot, and bubbles blown every which way. There’s plenty of screaming and crying and begging, but there is a surprising lack of kids asking “are we there yet?”

Also, we’re sure they really enjoyed the Escape.

Via: CarScoops