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Upgraded myBuick App Monitors Your Driving Habits, Tips You Off About Insurance Discounts

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myBuick app

Buick drivers can monitor their habits behind the wheel with the upgraded myBuick app

Do you constantly find yourself flooring the gas, slamming the brakes, and treating the rules of the road more like suggestions? Or maybe you’re on the more responsible end of the driving spectrum and would like to get credit for that in the form of a reduced insurance bill.

If you’re a Buick driver, here’s some good news: the brand recently upgraded its app with tools that can help you rein in those bad driving habits and take advantage of the good ones.

In 2016, Buick started its web-based Smart Driver service to provide drivers with information about their driving habits using OnStar diagnostics. Smart Driver users can also sign up — while keeping personal details private — to see if those habits entitle them to insurance discounts. These services have now been integrated into the myBuick app, available to owners of most 2015 or newer Buicks.

2018 Buick Regal GS

Among the driving behaviors that can be tracked by the myBuick app: average mph and total number of hard acceleration events

“In today’s world, people are using health, finance, and even sleep monitoring apps to help improve their lifestyle and well-being,” said Steve Samolinksi, senior manager of Buick Connected Services. “Bringing Buick Smart Driver services into the myBuick app can help our customers become more aware of their driving behaviors and improve as necessary.”

Once you’ve signed up, the myBuick app can send daily, weekly, or monthly reports on your driving. Here’s what that includes:

  • Average mpg and mph
  • Total miles driven
  • Total number of hard braking events
  • Total number of hard acceleration events
  • High-speed driving percentage
  • Late-night driving percentage
  • Tips for smarter driving
  • Overall Smart Driver score

So far, more than 211,000 Buick drivers use Buick Smart Driver, and nearly 100,000 use the Insurance Discounts Eligibility program. Expect those numbers to rise as more drivers start accessing those services through the myBuick app.