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US EV First Half of 2016 Sales Update: LEAF Continues to Wither, Volt Braces for Bump, Fusion Rises

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As the first half of the year came to a close at the beginning of July, one thing was certain: electric vehicles had a much better first half in 2016 than last year—in total, at the end of June, Inside EVs reported that in the US, sales made by the major plug-in automakers equaled 64,747 total vehicles, up 16% from last year’s 54,347 over the same time period.

So far this year, the top five contenders were once again the Teslas Model S and Model X, the Chevrolet Volt, the Ford Fusion Energi, and the Nissan LEAF. The Model S topped the charts once more, with approximately 12,090 sales so far this year (it’s an estimate because Tesla doesn’t report their sales data monthly for whatever reason), followed by the Volt with a total of 9,808 sales, the Fusion Energi with 7,235 sales, the Model X with about 6,940 sales, and the LEAF with 5,793.

The Model S had an especially good June, as the company labored to bring delivery numbers up for the end of the quarter while simultaneously focusing on US deliveries—the company noted that their global sales took something of a miss due to cars that were still on delivery trucks or tanker ships. The Model X saw similar results, with the vast majority of its deliveries going to the US.

As for the Volt, the plug-in seems to have leveled off at around 1,900 sales each month, based on the sales numbers March through June, ending with 1,937 in June. This actually makes for a fantastic 58% increase over last year, but that is a bad comparison since the first-generation Volt was tapering off at the time. Fortunately, sales are anticipated to rise as more dealers get more stock of the new Volt.

The Ford Fusion Energi benefited this June from a refresh in the 2017 Fusion Energi, which raised the PHEV’s electric range to 21 miles and sales to a new high of 1,700 units sold, keeping it in third place ahead of the LEAF, which has continued to wither (excuse the pun) in the face of the upcoming release of a much-improved LEAF slated to come out soon. It posted fairly dismal losses compared to last year, with sales down a whole 40% to 1,096 units. For Nissan’s sake, I hope they get the next generation out soon.

News Source: Inside EVs