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Use the Online Viper GTC Customizer to Build Your 1-of-1 Dream Car

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1-of-1 Dodge Viper GTC | Online Viper GTC Customizer

Drivers can now build a one-of-a-kind Viper through the 1-of-1 customization program

Earlier this year, Dodge announced its limited 1-of-1 Dodge Viper GTC program, in which customers would be able to build their Vipers to their own specifications. The combinations are so vast that there are 25 million different ways to build your car, which pretty much ensures each and every Viper GTC will be unique (and if you try to customize one that has already been ordered the same exact way, you’ll get a pleasant rejection from Dodge).

Now, Dodge has announced that the online Viper GTC customizer is live and fully functional, so you can start building your Viper right this very second. For starters, there are a few standard colors, but if those don’t whet your appetite, you can choose among 8,000 custom colors. We went with a pretty intense green when building our own.

The pretty bold green we went with on the online Viper GTC customizer

The pretty bold green we went with on the online Viper GTC customizer

After choosing a color, you’ll get to pick from 24,000 custom stripe colors (we went with a bright orange), 11 wheel options, 16 interior trims, seven aero packages, three brake packages, and four suspension options. Somewhere in there is the math that comes out to 25 million different options, but please don’t ask us to do that. We’re writers.

Online Viper GTC Customizer | orange stripe

And there’s the orange stripe

During the process of choosing your interior trim, you get to digitally “sit” inside the Viper and make your selection.

Online Viper GTC Customizer  | interior trim

The view from within the GTC

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you’re able to share it on social media and use it as wallpaper on your devices. You can also download a PDF image. And before you purchase the Viper (for a starting MSRP of $84,995), Dodge will send you a complimentary Viper speed form replica to make sure you’re still solid with the color choice.

Pretty sweet deal, right? You know, aside from the part where you give up $85,000. But still.