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Utah School Students Want to Stop Idling Cars

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Or we could end the use of cars altogether

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The mission of the DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts students is simple: Stop idling cars.

Two students, who head the Conservation Club at the school, recently graced the Ogden City Council with their presence. During this meeting, Grace Johnston and Rachel Love asked the council to pass a no-idling ordinance. And you guessed it — the council loved the consideration of the idea.

In the past, Ogden City has worked with the Ogden School Board, Weber State University’s Office of Sustainability, and the Weber-Morgan Health Department to promote an “Idle-Free Week.”

While these two ladies are grateful for this week of clean air, they want to push the envelope. Let’s enforce consequences on every man and woman who decides to leave his or her car running when they are not going.


Parents idle a lot

These ladies claim that parents leave their cars running in front of school for an hour while waiting for their kids to come out of school. I find this hard to believe, as there were days I walked out of high school to find my mom had not arrived yet. I don’t blame her, as I was late 90 percent of the time. That’s beside the point. My mom always turned off the car while she waiting for me, as well.

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Also, this school operates under an idle-free zone with signs everywhere. Are parents that disrespectful to school policies and irresponsible, or are students speaking for their parents to get their political agenda across?

Air pollution rises before and after school

According the school’s air monitors, air pollution is at its highest at the beginning and end of each school day. This makes sense, as this is the time of the day when every parent either picks up or drops off their kids at the premier center for education. Congestion happens.

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Perhaps, we should end the use of cars altogether and ride our bicycles to school. Or we could just propose an ordinance that requires all drivers to ditch their clunkers for cars, trucks, and SUVs that have start/stop technology.

Regardless, I commend these ladies for pushing this dialogue further, but small punishments for running your motor is not going to put a dent in healing the hazed environment.

Sorry, not sorry.