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Vauxhall Retailers Make AdBlue Top Ups Easier, More Affordable

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Vauxhall AdBlue fill up

AdBlue technology, aimed at reducing harmful emissions created by burning diesel fuel, continues to catch on with drivers in the United Kingdom. Like any other essential fluid, AdBlue requires regular refills to ensure the proper function of a vehicle; should your AdBlue tank run dry, however, you will not be able to turn the engine on again until it has been refilled.

To help incentivize current drivers with AdBlue technology to get their necessary refills done, and to help encourage new shoppers to consider AdBlue, Vauxhall is offering fixed prices and promising quick turnaround times when scheduling refills at its retail locations.

According to Vauxhall, an AdBlue top up will take just 10 minutes to complete. Car drivers can expect a flat fee of £19.99 for a fill up while van drivers will pay £29.99; members of the Vauxhall Service Club and fleet drivers, however, will see £5 bumped off the price in either case. For those wanting to perform a fill-up manually, Vauxhall retailers also sell two- and five-liter bottles that can be kept on-hand for emergency situations.

“If you have never had to fill-up your AdBlue tank before, there is no need to panic when you first see the warning appear on your dashboard,” said Paul Painter, from Vauxhall Aftersales. “Our technicians make it easy by filling the tank directly, meaning there is no mess and no fuss, and with our fixed prices it means that people no longer have to shop around.”