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Vehicle Technologies To Help You Brave the Cold

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Braving cold temperatures, falling snow, and frigid conditions takes a lot of willpower. Who wouldn’t rather stay inside when the thermostat is frozen? But alas, life, work, and family responsibilities don’t stop in winter, which means you don’t stop. But, maneuvering your car through winter can be an easier feat when your vehicle is equipped with some winter-fighting tech.

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To improve visibility and your vehicle’s handling on icy roads, Staff Writer Peter Gareffa, appreciates advanced driver assist technologies such as adaptive headlights, braking and lane departure warning, forward collision avoidance, and automatic emergency braking.

Getting into a freezing cold vehicle can zap your energy, and that’s why is a fan of remote start, which lets you start your car remotely – while you’re still inside (and warm!) – so that your car’s interior will be nice and toasty before you take the wheel.

Icy roads are dangerous, but with all-wheel drive, you’ll have a better chance of staying on the road.

“All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive deliver power to all the vehicle’s wheels to help it accelerate better and maintain traction on slick surfaces,” Gareffa writes.

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In the cold, you’re desperate for some warmth, and features such as heated seats and a heated steering wheel can make driving much more bearable when temperatures are way down, according to, which adds that scraping time is less when your vehicle is equipped with heated side mirrors.

For a solid grounding to the road, you might want to invest in winter tires, according to Gareffa who writes, “Most modern snow tires use a combination of unique tread patterns and specifically formulated rubber that remains soft at cold temperatures to maintain traction on ice and snow.”

Winter driving can be treacherous and miserable, but with these features, you’ll be able to handle the chill and keep moving right along.

News Source: USA Today, Consumer Reports