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Vehicles and Trailers for Traveling Businesses and Outdoor Functionality

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Photo: Pixabay

As both companies and individuals look to portable living spaces, businesses on wheels, and outdoor functionality using commercial trailers, a new world has opened up. No longer is anyone restricted to only what can be provided within a building — there are other options today.

The new flexibility coincides nicely with the lower price of gasoline, making it more affordable to travel and go to where your customers are located.

Cutting hair from an Airstream at the Parker 250 Race

The GMZ UTV Winter Nationals Parker “250,” presented by Polaris, took place in January. Racing enthusiasts lined up to see the souped-up UTV buggies and motorcycles race across the desert at breakneck speeds, kicking up sand and dust as they flew past. Many YouTubers were there to film it including “HOBO Tech” who provided a livestream of the race for its followers.

Near to the course were many vendors selling different racing-related goods. Anything you wanted in Motorsports including some rare items could be found in Parker, Arizona, during the event. Something that stood out though was the gleaming silver Airstream operating a barber’s shop right out of the trailer. Now that’s not something you see every day!

Restroom trailers for offices & events

The good folks at Satellite Industries provide trailers for use as a secondary restroom facility at offices and events. Their restrooms tow behind a truck, like a Ford F-150, that has good pulling capacity. They just attach to the hitch and get towed to where they need to go.

The restroom facilities come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and configurations. It’s completely possible to get one that’s all decked out like it’s on an upper floor of a skyscraper just right for top executives. There are also ones that are made for parties and taking impromptu selfies for Instagram before heading back to the dancefloor. When a guest just has to go and the line for the indoor washrooms is just too long, the backup option is most welcome.

Camper rental on wheels for digital nomads

For the digital nomad who wants to travel within U.S. borders and see more of each state, the Happier Camper is ideal for them. The company offers travel trailers ready to rent for seeing more of the world. It’s possible to use a Wi-Fi device to connect to nearby cell towers to pick up unlimited 4G LTE connections from T-Mobile, Verizon, and other cellular networks in range.

For nomads that already own a truck or another vehicle they can use to tow the camper, this is a ready-made solution to help them get on the road sooner. They can make use of Bureau of Land Management land which is usually free to camp on for 14 days before having to move a few miles away to resettle. You can simply stop at Starbucks in a nearby town to power back up and get some work done while sipping on a Frappuccino.

Whatever you’re looking to do, being able to access vehicles and trailers that offer greater flexibility in business and life is certainly beneficial.

This is a collaborative article.