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Vehicular Viewing: New on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu for July 2019

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Cinematic classics, so-bad-they’re-good misfires, and beloved TV shows — all these and more are coming to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in July. Here’s a look at the most notable vehicle-related movies and TV shows scheduled to show up on major streaming services next month.

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Road House (7/1)

Road House just might be the quintessential ’80s action flick. Starring the gloriously mulleted Patrick Swayze as a mysterious bar bouncer who goes up against a corrupt local tycoon, this movie also features cool ’80s cars like a Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC and an early Jeep Wranger … and a scene where a Ford F-250 monster truck gleefully crushes station wagons at a car dealership.

Taxi Driver (7/1)

One of the greatest films of all time, Taxi Driver plunges viewers into the darkness and decay of 1970s New York City, as seen from behind the wheel by Robert de Niro’s troubled, alienated protagonist.

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Season 11 (7/19)

Jerry Seinfeld’s popular series is back for an 11th season with guests like Eddie Murphy, Melissa Villaseñor, and Matthew Broderick. Here’s our preview.

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The Rainmaker (7/31)

An enjoyable legal thriller based on a book by John Grisham, this 1997 movie stars Danny DeVito and a young Matt Damon, along with a classic Volvo 244 and a tiny Toyota Starlet.

Rat Race (7/31)

A motley collection of greedy and clueless contestants race across the desert (by bus, taxi, ambulance, helicopter, monster truck, hot-air balloon, and, uh, Hitler’s car) in pursuit of a $2 million prize in this 2001 ensemble comedy. Proving its early-2000s bona fides, Rat Race also features a climactic concert with the movie’s cast dancing to Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”


Are We There Yet? (7/1)

Ice Cube hits the road with two horrible kids in this “comedy” from 2005. A few years ago, The News Wheel named this stinker to its list of 10 Worst Road Trip Movies Ever.

Veronica Mars: Seasons 1-3 (7/1)

For the first two seasons of this cult 2000s favorite, high school private eye Veronica Mars drives a Chrysler LeBaron convertible. In the third season, Mars, who lives in Neptune, drives a Saturn. Here’s hoping she switches to a Mercury in the show’s long-awaited fourth season (which arrives July 26 on Hulu, allowing for plenty of time to binge or rewatch the first three seasons).