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Veit Fleet Uses Chevrolet Silverado to Ensure Durability

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Since 1928 when the company first began, Veit has used Chevy trucks within its work fleet. The heavy industrial construction company continues the tradition of using Chevrolet trucks to help complete tough jobs others aren’t able to with the addition of the Chevrolet Silverado in its fleet.

Viet Fleet to Use Chevrolet Silverado

Viet Fleet Uses Chevrolet Silverados to Ensure Durability

Veit, which is known for getting down and dirty with seemingly impossible construction projects, utilizes a fleet that contains both heavy- and light-duty Silverados. Each of the heavy duty pickups pull 10,000 pounds of equipment, while the light-duty pickups act more as mobile offices that help business move forward on site.

“The work we do is diverse and rugged, so we need a vehicle that can match our needs,” said Chuck Geisler, executive manager of sales and marketing, Veit. “With its proven dependability, the Silverado is the vehicle for us.”

On average, the trucks in their fleet garner more that 200,000 miles, with roughly a dozen of the pickups having reached 300,000 miles. With this amount of durability, it’s no wonder the Veit fleet uses Chevrolet Silverados daily.

The 2013 GM Fleet and Commercial “Stories from the Road” advertising campaign will use the Veit story as the first segment, giving customer examples to illustrate how businesses us GM vehicles to be successful:

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