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Vermont Considers Allowing Emojis on License Plates

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Vermont is known for many things: maple syrup, moose, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, fall colors, ski resorts, and fishing spots. Now, it might soon be known for its emoji license plates.

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The proposed bill

According to The Drive, new legislation would allow drivers to add one of six approved emojis to their car’s license plate. And the emoji wouldn’t replace the traditional letters or numbers Vermont requires on license plates. Instead, the emoji would be an added embellishment on the plate.

We don’t yet know which six emojis the new bill would legitimize. Considering there are more than 3,000 ones recognized across different platforms, Vermont drivers are likely antsy to know which ones they might soon be able to choose for their plates.

If the bill passes, Vermont will become the first U.S. state to OK emojis on license plates. Interestingly enough, though, it’s not the first place on the globe to approve this type of legislation. Last year, Australia passed a bill allowing emoticons on Queensland license plates. Residents can customize their plates with a winking, smiling, laughing, sunglasses, or “love” emoji… if they’re willing to shell out about $336.

Current rules and conjectures

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Vermont’s current rules regarding vanity plates ban vulgar language. And plates can’t start with the letter “Z.” You also can’t have a single-letter plate with the letters “I”, “J”, “O”, or “Z” (though other letters are acceptable).

If the bill passes in Vermont, it will likely spread to other states. Though some states might prefer to ban emojis in an attempt to censor license plates. Then again, maybe more states will start adopting an “anything goes” perspective on vanity plates in favor of protecting the First Amendment’s free speech provision.

Which emoji would you put on your license plate if you could? Let us know in the comments.

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