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Victory for the EV: The Chevrolet Bolt Is Motor Trend’s Car of the Year

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2017 Chevrolet Bolt

So, remember how last week I talked about how Motor Trend had named the Chevy Bolt as a finalist for Car of the Year, but I wasn’t so sure it would win since it was lined up next to a gaggle of high-priced, luxury and performance vehicles?

Well, it turns out that, for me, the road to being proven wrong is a short one, indeed, as Motor Trend has announced the Chevrolet Bolt is the Car of the Year, beating out such models as the Porsche 911, Genesis G90, Volvo S90, and Audi A4.

Somehow, I think I will get over being wrong, just this once.

A large part of this, according to Motor Trend, is due to, “Two numbers—238 and 29,995,” or the EPA-estimated range and price (after the tax rebate) of the Chevrolet Bolt. Or, as put by guest judge Chris Theodore, “Simply put, it’s twice the car for half the price of a BMW i3. A better car, better package, much better handling, with twice the range.”

The editors went on to praise the Bolt’s driving dynamics, saying that “It’s not quite correct to say the Bolt EV drives just like a regular small hatchback, because, fundamentally, it drives better than most regular small hatchbacks.” In addition, the editors maintained that the Bolt, due to its quick acceleration and instant electric engine torque, not only competes well with other popular EVs like the Tesla Model S, but also holds up against conventional small cars.

Generally, the entire evaluation is summed up in the Motor Trend article on the Bolt, which reads, “The Bolt EV is fast, fun, and genuinely entertaining to drive. It makes you smile.”

This comes at a very fortuitous time for the Chevy Bolt, which will soon be arriving in dealerships in California, and which will soon benefit from VW’s electric vehicle investments and Congress establishing electric-car corridors. We will have to see if the Bolt does equally well for the title of Green Car of the Year.

News Source: Motor Trend