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[VIDEO] An 800-HP JUKE and Nürburgring

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800-hp JUKE

Watch this wacky 800-hp JUKE tear up the ‘ring

Some things are just born weird. The Nissan JUKE is one of these weird things. It is, to a point, exceptionally weird. But you know what? It’s spent the entirety of its life embracing the weird and not being concerned about being different, and that confidence has played to its advantage beautifully. This makes it hard not to pull for the JUKE, particularly when Shpilli Villi Engineering drops a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 into one, dolls it up in a delightful livery, and lets all 800 horsepower run wild all over the ‘ring.

So just to be clear, that’s the Nissan JUKE—the automotive equivalent of Steve Buscemi—tearing up Green Hell with 800 horsepower. In case you thought oh, that’s simply not ridiculous enough, it’s worth noting that there would have been as much as 1,000 horsepower if Shpilli Villi owner/driver Vladimir Ulanov had opted to use the additional 200 horsepower supplied by NOS.

According to Shpilli Vanilli Villi’s website, they have completed 43 projects for 33 different clients while consuming 512 cups of coffee (though that last figure seems kind of low), but we can guarantee that none of them are anywhere near as weird, wonderful, or wild as this 800-horsepower JUKE.