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[VIDEO] Comedian Nick Thune Drives a Honda Fit for Lyft

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Nick Thune Drives a Honda Fit for Lyft

Nick Thune drives a Honda Fit for Lyft, and shares some doughnuts with one of his passengers, in this hidden-camera video

Honda is debuting a new video series in which Honda Fit spokesman and comedian Nick Thune portrays “Brad, the Overly Accommodating Lyft Driver.” In the first hidden-camera video (below), unwitting Lyft passengers who somehow don’t recognize Thune from those inescapable Honda Fit commercials get into his car for a ride, only to be subjected to the awkward, oversharing, slightly creepy antics of “Brad.” Perhaps these awkward shenanigans are the reason the Better Business Bureau recently gave the San Francisco-based Lyft company an “F” grade due to customer complaints. Check out the video for yourself.

Nick Thune Drives a Honda Fit for Lyft

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Lyft is one of several peer-to-peer rideshare programs that have been making the news a lot lately. Companies like Lyft and Zipcar are app-based transportation companies that allow users to connect with nearby drivers via their mobile phones. Some people have questioned a program that involves getting rides from unlicensed drivers, such as Nick Thune’s “Brad” character, whose obnoxiousness illustrates the risk that rideshare passengers are taking.

Nick Thune Drives Honda Fit for Lyft

Comedian Nick Thune, who is physically incapable of being more than six feet away from a Honda Fit

Taxi drivers are particularly upset with Lyft and other rideshare companies, whose unregulated practices are cutting into their business. Many have questioned the legality of the programs, and the whole controversy was mocked on last night’s episode of South Park, which featured Lyft and other rideshare companies taking on cabbies, car dealers, and even Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors.

Whether this new video featuring Thune as Lyft driver Brad is actually funny is a matter of personal opinion, of course. But our personal opinion is that no, it’s not.