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[VIDEO] Feel Superior With Me And Watch These Idiots Run Red Lights

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Ok, folks, let’s put on our judging hats and look disapprovingly at some morons doing stupid things, because American Traffic Solutions, a company which services car fleets as well as operating toll booths and installing safety cameras, has released a compilation of the worst red-light runners of 2016. Be sure that you are in a place where it is ok for you to go “oooh” out loud, and then click below.

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Obviously, this is bad—really, really bad. It seems astonishing to me that anyone would intentionally run a red light, and while it is possible that each of the people in the video simply weren’t paying attention, I think it just as possible that one or more simply didn’t want to stop. So, maybe seeing some of these crashes will remind people that stoplights aren’t just there as a suggestion, but to keep you from testing multiple vehicles’ safety technology.

Liz Carracciolo, ATS’ Safety General Manager, stated about the video, “Seeing is believing, and ATS urges drivers to watch this public service video and recognize the danger red-light running presents. Every day, in the United States, drivers running red lights cause an average of two fatalities and more than 340 injuries. When drivers ignore a red light, they put themselves and innocent pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, other drivers and passengers at great risk. ATS urges all drivers to choose safety over recklessness and stop on red.”

In case you were wondering, by the way, all of those crashes were caught on film by ATS’ traffic cameras, and weren’t just grabbed off of YouTube. We may in the future be able to avoid them entirely, but for now, stop at red lights.

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News Source: ATS